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  About Lesley Marceau

I went to several art schools but never really found my medium. Still, I loved working with color charts, and enjoyed how you could change a color just by putting it next to another.

Making jewelry came to me in a satori moment - a flash of insight. I woke up one morning thinking of pleasing color combinations. So I set out to teach myself how to make jewelry, using semi-precious stones as my medium. The patterns seemed endless! Finding a creative outlet in making jewelry has been a true gift. I felt like something was missing in my life and now it is filled.

All of my pieces of jewelry are one of a kind. I do make similar designs but there are rarely any two that are exactly alike. This website can only show a small portion of my work. I would be happy to custom-design jewelry at your request.

I live in Woodstock, Vermont, with my husband, Kevin, three cats and one dog, who is my personal trainer and guru. We have five grown children and four grandchildren. Our house has a periwinkle front door, a fire orange faux-finished living room, and a raspberry red studio.

I hope you enjoy my work. Blessings on you all.

- Lesley Marceau